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Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I am a 3 rd yr. engineerin graduate in electronics.I shall be presenting a paper(review) on MEMS and MEMS based appli.(avionics/biomed./piezoelectric./etc.)
Could u please suggest me how to go about the application based part and what I can contribute to this innovation.
I shall be really beholden to you for it.

Thanking You,
Navneet Nayan.


i am student of 2nd year engineering mechanical stream i want the how mems related to nanotechnology

Mark Wendman

Interesting case of a firm fielding an integrated microfluidics clinical testing solution is Epocal, based in Ottawa Canada, and founded by Dr. Imants Lauks who previously founded I-Stat now owned by Abbott Point of Care.

Epocal not only is building and soon selling a complete integrated clinical microfluidics blood diagnostic, but building the system and software for wireless Hospital deployment.

They are leveraging flex on card polyimide film (transport) manufacturing infrastructure to permit roll to roll manufacturing of the disposable integrated microfluidics cards, to quickly replace some tedious blood lab work, quickly and inexpensively.

The data is generated with small card readers that drive the microfluidics chemical analyses resident on the Flex on Card analytical tests.

Far cheaper than typical wafer / hard substrate discrete manufacturing envisioned by many developers of microfluidics, and with far less of costly custom tooling / manufacturing equipment development if not otherwise leveraging standard Flex on Card manufacturing equipment infrastructure.

Mike Gover


isn't that when you combine living brain cells with technology?

i think i read somewhere that scientists at some unversity used leech brains to control tiny, basic robots and they can also use the leech's neurones to calculate basic arithmetic problems

im so confused.....

dhakshina moorthy.T

actually i want to start career in MEMS/NEMS . the following things are my research interest

1.convert a conventional energy into power like solar cell, advertisement board, agriculture purpose.
2. medical instrumentation

3. space application.

help me.



I am about to start a project on MEMS. Wanted a few ideas on the apllication of MEMS in the medical field that are implementable. Please help.

linear actuator

Actuators are really needed for complex tasks in the high power market.If the load requires accurate positioning, High power actuators has the advantage among others...



I am very much interested in this field particularly in Cybrog the insect created at BSAC Berkeley. I did my undergraduation in India and I am further planning to do my post graduation in India in Bio-Mems, and Nanoengineering.

Will I get to do my Phd from University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley sensor and acuator centre.


I just started doing project in MEMS.....i need to know the importance of MEMS in medical field


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