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Dennis Perna

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Great article plriarmiy because I am directly involved in the foundry business! We provide foundries with patterns (the master tools, that they use to make thousands of castings) and your article is spot-on. Iron and aluminum foundries (our customers) in the U.S. are booming right now, for three reasons:First, casting purchasing managers that joined the offshoring craze are finding out that the quality from off-shore castings is absolutely horrendous the main issue being that specified metal specs and tolerances are not being met. Consequently, they are having casting failures which is causing them to lose valuable time and resources with potential lawsuits from injuries casued by a casting failure. (Sure you can save a nickle on an offshore casting, but what would a million dollar lawsuit cost you?)Second, when everything ordered nowadays demands JIT (Just In Time) delivery, casting purchasers cannot afford to wait the 14-16 weeks it took for their product to be shipped stateside.And lastly, so many foundries have been shuttered over the past 10 years due to the off-shoring craze, that the pool of casting suppliers has gotten a lot smaller. The foundries that reinvested profits 10 and 20 years ago into technology and updates, are still around. Those that didn't are long gone or will be the first to go in the next slowdown.P.S. Love the photo OSHA would have a field day in India LMAO!!! (Thanks again for noticing foundries in your blog!)

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