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What a great invention based on piezoelectricity. It goes to show that people like yourselves continue to enhance the discoveries of the great Pioneers like the Curie brothers.

May your tribe increase!


Wow this is great. We could charge all our home appliances while walking around the house, thereby getting rid of our nasty electric bills!


great invention
a little further it can be used to power an e-scooter both wheels as shoes at 45kms it will produce more power connection to charger is not that problem so many ways available

R Bhosale

Question really is - how does one store this power generated? Or supply to devices? I guess you will need to plug in a battery into your shoe and charge it or have cables running from the shoe to your pockets?
Same goes for the car - how do you transport this energy generated from the Tires to the battery or any other device for that matter?

I think embedding these devices into a road makes a lot sense too!


can we charge mobile by this?
which specific crystals are used for this purpose?
please give some technical details for this.


Just a reality check...The energy needed to charge all your home appliances by walking around would be far greater than would be required by simply doing the house work by hand.


sir can these devices implement on floors to store large amount of energy if yes please guide me as i am curious to work upon it.

Stu Burroughs

Is it possible to buy one of these shoe generators?

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