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Alan Yeung

I found majority of the MEMS Mic shipments were only limited to a handful of branded high end phones suppliers, partly due to the MEMS mic price premium over the ECM Mic, partly due to neither the MEMS mic suppliers nor the mobile chip suppliers had done enough to support the 2nd tiered Phone manufacturers to design in the MEMS mic.As the result the non branded phone manufacturers will be lagging behind branded competitors, if it was like the auther claimed that iPhone success lies in the adoption of MEMS sensor technoloy on her latest phone design.
I was encouraged to see Qualcom had integrated the noise cancellation function on her chip set,that will stimulate the adoption of MEMS mic because of her superior matched sensitivities over the temperature sensitive ECM Mics, but the acoustic design for a good noise cancellation performance is still a challenage to many average Phone manufacturers, so Chip supplier like Qualcom will be a key enabler for the board adoption of MEMS mic by the phone designe to replace the the 50 years old ECM Mic technology in the mobile technology tredmill

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