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In behalf of those people suffering from congenital heart diseases, I would also like to thank NIH and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute for granting ISSYS and the University of Michigan financial support to continue their project for the benefit of those people, children to adult suffering from congenital heart diseases. Deep in their hearts that's making them feel a little convenient due to the disease's effect, I know that they are truly grateful of the help you are giving for their cure. Please continue to support them.

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Congenital heart defects are the problems in the heart's structure present from the birth time and the defects are in the interior walls of the heart or inside the valves of the heart or inside the arteries and veins that carry blood from the body to the heart. Cardiac arrests are also common these days and for that defibrillators are used. ICD's are implanted in patients who are at high risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

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